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Our Roots – Founder Tamara Aidi

Tamara Aidi, Lady Peace Founder

Tamara Aidi - Founder

Another young voice is rising! Tamara Aidi, a bright and aspiring 18-year-old, has founded Lady Peace, a non-profit organization created to bring awareness to and to help combat the inhumane treatment of children worldwide, including sex-trafficking of children.

Tamara chose to become an advocate for exploited children after being exposed to documentaries on the subject. She was greatly affected after learning of the staggeringly high percentage of children worldwide being exploited in so many ways, and felt deeply moved to act in any way she could. In knowing these children have no voice, Tamara discovered her passion, and found her voice. In the hopes of bringing more awareness to her generation and to inspire more people her age to get involved and make a difference, she created Lady Peace.

The power of Lady Peace will be in its ability to raise funds to help build awareness around the world. For each donation, Tamara and her staff have amassed a beautiful array of gifts to be given to the donors. Tamara said recently, “the purchase of our exclusive products will help further our awareness program, where our volunteers will be educating the public through pop-up awareness booths, events, classes, speaking engagements, and meet-ups.

Let’s make a commitment to rid this scourge, this pure evil, from the Earth.

Joining Hands to Stop Inhumane Crimes Against Children

Happy Kids imageThe horrors of sex trafficking and sex slavery involving young children once seemed so far away, and in our busy world it was just a disassociated tragedy happening on a remote part of our planet. But slowly, it began to seep into our society, each day closer to us. Through time we have entered a heightened state of awareness to what was really happening, not in some far-off place, but everywhere, so many countries, including our own. The more we studied the issue, the more horrified we were. It was time to acknowledge the scope of the problem and to be an intricate part of the solution, ridding ourselves of this hideous scourge and protecting the children of the world.

We can no longer just stand by thinking it doesn’t affect us. That is not an option. Our values as Americans, as human beings on this planet, do not allow us to do this.

Many of us remember happy childhoods, some remember challenging ones, but never did we face what our little ones are facing today. A predator with an elicit desire, can easily get to far flung places of the globe. With the help of the internet and a plane ticket in hand, a child anywhere on this planet is no longer safe from them.

Our Team of Staff and Volunteers