Sheriff Mark Napier courtesy of Pima County Sheriffs Department

Thank You former Sheriff Napier for Your Continued Support

We would like to thank former Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier and his staff for their continued support in helping our cause. Their support has an impact in our communities and beyond.

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Help us stop inhumane crimes against children!

The horrors of sex trafficking and sex slavery issues involving young children once seemed so far away, and in our busy world, it was just a passing note of another evil thing happening on our planet.

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Traffickers target their victims on the Internet, on the telephone, through friends who have already been victimized, at the mall, and even in after-school programs where their families believe they are safe.

$0 Billion in Earnings per Year
is what Human traffickers earn from Commercial Sexual Exploitation. More than Nike, Microsoft, Google and Starbucks combined. -
0 Children Recovered in 2017
A total of 84 children were recovered during Operation Cross Country XI, an FBI-led nationwide operation focused on underage human trafficking.
0 Prosecutions in 2016
World governments reported in 2016 that 14,897 prosecutions and 9,071 convictions were secured worldwide by Tier 1 governments. This data is on trafficking investigations, prosecutions, convictions, and sentences. -
0% Arrest Increase in Phillipines
In the Philippines, increased efforts to combat trafficking have led to the investigation of more than 500 trafficking cases and the arrest of 272 suspects – an 80 percent increase from 2015.
0 People, including children, die each year
while being trafficked for sex from neglect, abuse, disease, or torture. - Huffington Post, 2015.
0-80% of Human Trafficking and Slavery is for Sex
Huffington Post, 2015

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