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Lady Peace Members

As a member you

  • can participate in our online forums,
  • will get a unique member number that will be included in any products you purchase,
  • will receive our newsletter and event notifications,
  • get invited to awareness events,
  • and more.

There is no obligation to become a member, only that you help us spread the word.



Volunteer Opportunities

  • Monthly meetings with Lady Peace to learn and discuss current events and news
  • Be in charge of pop-up awareness booths; distribute flyers, pamphlets, etc to families
  • Help run classes to educate new volunteers and families that enter our AEA Program (Awareness, Education, Action Program)
  • Help with our events and other events we enter in Tucson
  • Be a part of our social media awareness and help create social media campaigns



Become an ambassador for Lady Peace

Lady Peace Ambassador

  • In being Ambassador of Lady Peace you are the leader in your country, state or region.
  • Become an ambassador by referring 1,000 people to become volunteers;¬†Ambassadors are leading their volunteers in their area by establishing awareness groups and meetings.
  • Ambassadors receive travel accommodations for Lady Peace conferences.
  • Ambassadors are guest speakers at our conferences and events.